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The cuisine

Ingredients and preparations

Our menu it’s a balanced mix of tradition, imagination and innovation, in which the most typical ingredients of Lucca cuisine are revisited in a modern way, enhancing the natural taste.

What can you find at K2 Restaurant? Only high quality raw materials, selected according to the season and worked with wisdom to offer every course a treat for the palate. The menu will follow the alternation of the seasons: in winter, the main dish are: the Frantoiana soup, spelt, homemade pasta, wild boar and game. In summer, however, green light for even the freshest preparations.
Among our specialties you can find octopus and cod.

At the restaurant K2 fresh pasta is strictly homemade. Our unmissable tortelli, as well as tagliatelle, are handmade, without the use of machinery, just like our grandmothers did. The dough is worked in the old way, with all the necessary calm and patience, respecting those traditions that bring to mind the genuine and sincere life of the families of the past.

The meat comes from local suppliers, carefully selected to ensure the taste of our preparations. From our exclusive Tagliata del Norcino, to the classic Fiorentina, to the most refined and particular cuts, the variety of the menu will make the whole family agree.


Thanks to the selection of local wines from Lucca and Tuscany, such as the classic Chianti, the organic wines of local producers, for example the highly requested Terre di Matraia, you can choose the right accompaniment for each course.

The pizzeria

“Flour, water, hours and hours of leavening and the secrets of Ernesto are the ingredients of our pizzas”.

The dough of our pizzas is produced with high quality ingredients and is the same handed down by the expert hands of Ernesto. We jealously guard the recipe and the secrets, such as the semi-wholemeal dough and the many hours of leavening, which make it light and tasty.