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Starters, First and Second courses

- penne with tomato sauce
- chicken schnitzel with chips
- soft drink or fruit juice
- chicken schnitzel with chips
- soft drink or fruit juice
- grilled hot dogs with chips
- soft drink or fruit juice


Octopus* cooked at low-temperature and toasted on pea cream and drops of balsamic vinegar with curry waffle (1-6-7-10-12-14)€ 22
Knife-beaten heifer tartare with mustard parfait flakes, caramelized Tropea onions and caper fruit(1-7-10-11)€ 18
Italian cured meat and local cheese selection with homemade compote (6-7-10-12)€ 18
Cantabrian canned anchovies with Burrata cheese and homemade fried dough (1-4-6-7-10)€ 16
Trio of Tuscan bruschetta (1-4-6-7-10-12)€ 10
tomatoes and basil - local lard - chichen liver paté

Our fresh pasta

Homemade Paccheri with aubergine and fried squid* with Pachino tomato and basil (1-3-6-10-14)€ 15
Ravioli filled with typical Tuscan tomato soup on parmesan cream, basil oil and tomato corals (1-3-6-7)€ 13
Home-made big spaghetti with white meat sauce (1-3-6-10-12)€ 13
homemade meat ravioli typical of Lucca with bolognese sauce (1-3-6-7-10-12)€ 13
Homemade lasagna with porcini mushrooms*, local sausage and truffle cream (1-2-3-4-6-7-8-9-10)€ 13

The salted cod and the meat

fried codfish* in spicy tomato sauce with olives and capers (1-4-6-10)€ 22
Chicken nuggets in lemon cream and stewed red chicory (1-6-10)€ 14
Lamb chops with herbs and fried potatoes (1-7-12)€ 18
Pork tenderloin in speck crust and pistachio pesto with grilled endive (7-8)€ 18
Grilled beef sirlon slice with hot flavored oil, rocket salade and parmesan flakes (3-7)€ 22

The vegetable

vegetable caponata homemade in a jar (9)€ 6
Patatine* fritte (12)€ 5
Mix salade€ 5
green salade, red chicory, tomatoes and carrots
Big salade€ 12
green salade, red chicory, tomatoes, olives, tuna, mozzarella cheese and egg